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Scottish Winter

Scottish Winter


... winter skills, ice or mixed climbing, at a grade to suit you, based around the Northern Corries of the Cairngorms

Quantity:  at  £180.00  each 

An AMI member qualified to MIC standard will more than meet your expectations for fast, efficient guiding or instruction in winter. We can provide an introduction to winter skills, including how to use an axe and/or crampons on snowy/icy terrain. We can provide winter mountaineering journeys with teaching along the way, on grade 1 ridges or gully terrain. We can also provide guiding and/or instructio on a wide range of winter climbs. You can choose the route, or allow us to help. It's sometimes best to ring/email to discuss what you have in mind, along with the dates you want to work to.    Mob: 0044 7976560250

Courses available between Jan 11 - 22   2016, weekend or midweek

Ratio 1:2 max (climbing)            Cost: £180/day, shared between two clients

Ratio 1:6 max (winter skills)       Cost: £180/day, plus £45 per client up to the max. of six