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Ice climbing

Norway vs. Scotland

1. The weather is generally kinder in Norway. The continental blocking high pressure systems which prevail over Norway in the winter months mean more stable weather, and generally lighter winds. The lighter winds are key to the comfort of the winter climber. It is windier, and wetter, in Scotland. Windchill is greater, and wet underpants days are more frequent.

2. The climbing is more varied in Scotland. Definitely true. Better mixed climbing. The styrofoam snow ice of Scotland is very rare in Norway.

3. The walk ins and descents in Scotland are longer. Any day out that visits the summit of Ben Nevis by a winter route compares unfavorably with a day at Ozzimosis in the Rjukan valley, in terms of kilometres walked.

4. Both countries are equally wintry grim, but alcohol is cheaper in Scotland. The unfeasibly bright green uniform of Kiwi supermarket staff in Norway helps brighten things up.

5. Norway is quicker to get to, because you almost have to fly, but this adds the challenge of airline baggage allowances.

6. Accommodation in Scotland is cheaper.

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